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Next Level Paddle also has inflatable kayak rentals. So if you’re looking to go solo or with a friend, look no further, we’ve got a durable and portable kayak to cruise the lakes and rivers for you. I will say inflatable kayaks don’t receive the attention they deserve.

I will say inflatable kayaks don’t receive the attention they deserve. We get asked “Are inflatable kayaks good” or “Are inflatable kayaks stable”, and the answer is YES! Some of the best ones incorporate modern technology into their designs, giving traditional hard-shell kayaks a run for their money. While they may not cut through white water with the dexterity of a hard-shell, they make up for it with their portability, ease of use and versatility to set them apart from other watercraft. It’s pretty much and inflatable boat with multiple air chambers.

As mentioned, Next Level Paddle provides 1 or 2 person inflatable kayaks depending on your needs with a weight capacity up to XXX for our 2 person. These options are excellent for those with limited storage space for transportation who still want to hit the water.

So if you’re staying in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Santan, Gilbert, Tempe or Scottsdale and are searching “Kayak rentals near me” you’ve found us! Located in Mesa Arizona it makes us super convenient to grab a kayak and or paddle board and run over to Saguaro Lake, Tempe town lake or get ready to relax all the way down The Salt River. At each of these locations beautiful and scenic adventures await. 

Once you Arrive at the store to pick up your inflatable kayak we’ll give you a personal walkthrough on the inflatable process using your dual piston hand pump along with a few helpful tips.

Rentals are available Wednesday – Sunday from 7 AM to 5 PM. 

Click here for day rates and you’ll need to keep a credit card on file to cover any lost items or damages. 

Each rental comes with a kayak, paddle(s) and life jacket(s)

Book your adventure at Next Level Paddle today.

Fun lakes and rivers to hit while in AZ:

1 – The Salt River…

2 – Saguaro Lake…

3 –  Tempe Town lake…

4 – Lake Pleasant…

5 – Bartlett Lake…

6 – Canyon Lake…

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